Are you the next great talent out there? Do you have the courage to step onto the big stage?

I’ll leave my restaurant Relæ in your hands if that is so. For 3 months you will get the framework that has been a success for 10 years straight with your hands on the steering wheel. You set your team, your menu and your ambition.

After months of reflection, I believe that the future of relæ must be to pass on the relay – and to leave it to the hands and ideas of the next generation. Relæ came to life after the financial crisis where a small and humble basement was the only option for a young chef to take the big leap. Now, in the wake of an even greater crisis, creating opportunities for young talent is needed more than ever.

Relæ will give you the platform if you have the talent, the drive, and the fire in your eyes.

Applications are received until April 23rd on future@restaurant-relae.dk .

Opening TBD in line with the Danish government’s lift of lockdown, regulations, etc.

We are looking forward to hearing about your dream.

Christian F. Puglisi