Relæ X Frændekilde

After months of postponed hibernation and with the summer’s arrival, Relæ will leave the city behind and go north. The chefs need to stretch their legs and draw in some fresh air and inspiration. From July 1st and 6 weeks onwards, you can experience Relæ´s organic gastronomy at our summer restaurant at Frændekilde by Tisvildeleje. Relæ will carry on in their gastronomic style with a menu tailored to Frændekildes rural and relaxed setting. Much will be prepared over bonfire and the vegetables from Farm of Ideas will be the basis of the menu as you know it from Relæ.

Menu: 685 kr.
Wine menu: 525 kr.

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In addition to the regular daily menu, you will also be able to drop by from 3pm for a glass of natural wine and a Manfred’s Tartare and enjoy the sunset over the rolling hills.

Frændekilde have set up beautiful Glamping facilities furnished by Rabens Saloner and Ferm Living. It’s possible to book an overnight stay in connection with the dinner, so that the next morning you will also be able to enjoy Frændekilde and its surroundings.

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